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Website Redesigning = New Soul For Your Business

website redesigning
Oct 19, 2014 0 Comment

Website is today the most effective way of marketing your business. Trends keep changing with time including website design. This is the reason you should consider redesigning your website. Redesigning your website can be very effective in increasing your conversions and profits.

Website Redesigning Is Important
Face value of your business is judged by your website today. Any person who wants to know about your business will first look for your website. And if your web design is not up to date or attractive then it can cause you great losses. Reasons to consider redesigning your website-

  • User Friendliness
    If your website is unattractive and cluttered then be prepared to drive away visitors. Test if your website is easy to use, navigate and is attractive and if the result is not up to the mark then it is the perfect time to redesign your website.
  • Mobile Friendliness
    With more and more users accessing web on their mobile devices, mobile friendliness of your website becomes an issue of paramount importance. Mobile friendliness is the perfect reason to redesign your website.
  • Rebranding
    When you decide to change the direction or the philosophy of your business or in other words you are rebranding your business then it is the perfect timing for website redesigning. A website which doesn’t represent your business’s directions or goals then that website is of no use.
  • Social Media Interaction
    Social media channels are the perfect platforms for advertising your business along with your websites. Integration of your website and social media channels is very important today. Website and social media channels are the perfect combo for your marketing plan. If you haven’t included social media in your website’s design then redesigning is necessary. 

An average lifespan of a website is between 2-3 years. It can be even less than 2 years if some trends emerge before that. If your websites isn’t getting as much audience it used to get or having less conversions then redesigning your website will definitely help you and your business.

Refresh Ideas has successfully revamped or redesigned many websites and helped in rebranding of our client’s business. You can look into our portfolio for the same. If you are considering redesigning your website then contact us for further details.

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