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What’s Your Social Media Outlook?

What's Your Social Media Outlook?
Mar 17, 2015 0 Comment

It’s always necessary to wear some accessories with your favorite outfit. It makes your outfit look complete but it is also important how you wear it. Same goes for social media which is an accessory to your website.

But it’s important to mix and match to arrive at the possible result that works best for the outfit i.e. website and the eyes i.e. users.

It’s Important To Include Social Media
As a great story deserves to be told, a great content deserves to be shared. A great quality content inspires people to share it with others but what if there is no option to share? So, it is important to include social media icons to enable people to share your content and reach maximum people a with your content.

Place It Well
It matters how you place icons or links to your social media channels on your website.

Placing it on top of the page in the header along with the title of the website is a good idea where it can get maximum eyeballs.

You can also place it on the top and below a post to increase social engagement. For example you can take a look at Scoop Whoop.


Some websites also place social media icons along the sidebars which keeps on following you as you scroll down. Most of the websites prefer to place it on the left hand side as people read the text from left to right, so it is expected to grab attention.

Showcase You Social Activeness
It’s a good idea to include feed from your active social media channels to showcase that you are not socially dead but engaging with people on a regular basis. Include live Twitter feed and Instagram shots on your website to engage more people and connect with them socially. This feed adds a bit of a personal touch to your website.

Live Twitter Feed

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